The Sweetest Way to Start Your Day

cinnamon rolls

Arguably the best way to serve breakfast is to combine it with something sweet. Breakfast pastries come in all shapes and sizes, from muffins and scones to cinnamon rolls and coffee cake. They are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without losing the benefits of a healthy breakfast. While it’s not advisable to make your entire breakfast out of pastries, we have to admit it can be tempting when faced with Danishes, orange muffins, and of course walnut cinnamon rolls. Breakfast pastries are the guilty pleasures of any brunch and are a great way to showcase a wide number of ingredients without much effort. Like any breakfast food category, the options for breakfast pastries are nearly unlimited. While you usually see a wide number of sweet options at the breakfast table, there are unique pastries found around the world, many of them similar in taste, though unique in shape. It seems there is a consensus: breakfast is better with a little bit of sugar.

Mad About Muffins

As anyone who has been last minute shopping at a bakeshop can tell you, muffins can come in any form, though they are usually on the sweet side. They can be filled with fruit, nuts, chocolate, or anything else that lends itself to a deliciously sweet treat. The trick to making excellent muffins is to make sure that the base of the muffins stays moist while the top is just solid enough have a bit of a crunch to it. The best way to accomplish this is to make sure that you set your oven at the correct temperature to cook your muffins, and that you don’t overfill each of the indentations. It’s a good idea to only to fill your muffin tin about two-thirds of the way up with batter, otherwise, you may find yourself with monster muffins taking over your oven. Also make sure to properly grease the inside of your pan if you are not using cupcake liners, as nothing ruins a good muffin like having to fight to get it out of an ungreased pan. Muffins are best served with some kind of spread, and a warm muffin with butter is the best way to wake up in the morning.

Sweet Scones

Depending on where you live, scones may be a staple at your breakfast table, or they may be something you have only had once or twice. Unlike muffins, scones are on the harder side, making them a wonderful side for a cup of coffee or a spot of tea. Like muffins, they can be filled with any number of sweet ingredients, though blueberries are a nearly universal favorite. Good scones will be more solid than other breakfast pastries, but you want to make sure that they are not overcooked, otherwise, you may find yourself with a plate of sweet hardtack. Scones can last for multiple days without going stale, but nothing beats a scone fresh out of the oven next to a hot cup of tea on a cold day.

Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee Rolls

Cinnamon rolls and coffee rolls are by far one of the sweetest breakfast pastries available. Coated with sugar and cinnamon and drizzled with a toothachingly sweet glaze, these pastries from heaven are irresistible. Most cinnamon rolls usually stick to the basic recipe, with the possible addition of walnuts on top or an orange glaze. The difference between a cinnamon roll and a coffee roll is that a coffee roll is flatter, whereas a cinnamon roll is usually rounder and puffier, though both can either have a clear sweet glaze or a white frosting on top. While cinnamon rolls are great for special occasions, make sure to keep track of your sugars when indulging in this delicious breakfast pastry, as it can leave your mouth aching and can give you a bit of a stomach ache if you go for thirds like you really want to.

Delicious Doughnuts

Doughnuts are by far an American staple. From classic doughnuts and glazed doughnuts to powdered doughnuts, specialty doughnuts, filled doughnuts, and of course sprinkled doughnuts, these sometimes-puffy sugar-coated breakfast foods are many times the reason why we end up at the gym come January 1st. Doughnuts are best when fried in oil and glazed, and nothing quite beats the sensation of a warm doughnut and a cup of coffee. If you are looking for something outside of the dozen box you can pick up at a bakery, try making your own homemade doughnuts. While it can seem daunting at first, once you master deep frying doughnuts of your own, you’ll never go back. Plus, making your own doughnuts allows you to control the amount of sugar you include, though that can also mean that you find yourself adding more sugar than the recipe calls for. It’s always best to balance your breakfast and make sure that your sugar intake is on the low side, though we wouldn’t blame you for going for seconds for one of these delicious almost-desserts.

Bake It Don’t Buy It

Don’t feel like you have to run out and buy pre-made pastries at the bakery – baking them can be easier than you think. Here is a quick YouTube tutorial walking you through some yummy Danish pastries:

Plenty of Pastries to Pick From

The number of breakfast pastries available is almost impossible to summarize. Around the world, everyone has their favorite breakfast pastry, from aebleskivers, a Danish dessert that is most often eaten in December, to pineapple buns from Hong Kong. Cheese Danishes and fruit-filled Danishes are easy to eat, nearly mess-free if you don’t include the crumbs, and just the right amount of sweetness to carry you over until lunch. Biscotti is an often-overlooked breakfast pastry that is a perfect light breakfast or mid-day snack with your coffee break. Coffee cake is the perfect combination of crumbly and sweet to make sure you go for a second slice. No matter your choice of breakfast pastry, breakfast isn’t really breakfast without a little bit of sweetness to help take some of the sting out of waking up. Just remember; it’s always best to enjoy pastries with a bit of moderation, otherwise, you may find yourself spending a little extra time at the gym every morning to offset that’s sweet breakfast you enjoyed. Though with the number of delicious breakfast pastries available, an extra lap at the gym is a worthwhile price for these sweet morning treats.